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Audiobook Recording Additional Terms

At ReelMusicianPro, we pride ourselves on giving you the best bang for your dollar while giving you exceptional
productions and service!  Because of the nature of recording audio books, taking on a very personal and deep
involvement from authors and publishing houses, we require that after production is complete, that either the author
and/or publishing house take on the role as senior editor of their audio book production.  Meaning that the author and
or publisher takes on the responsibility of exactness in every aspect to the audio book recording and production.

Please review and listen to your audio book production before the duplication process begins, so that we may correct
any incidental reading errors and or reading inflections that you would like to see changed and we will be happy to do so.   Price includes one list of edits - anything after that point is calculated at $90 per hour.  Payment terms are 50% upfront and then 50% upon completion of voice over files, prior to release of master files. Quotes are based on word counts, unless otherwise stated, at 10,000 words per finished hour of audio.  Inaccurate word counts, or manuscript additions, that result in audio time going beyond original requested quote, is paid by client at a rate of $300 per finished hour of audio overage or prorated at that rate for any partial hour over original quote . All audio book production is the ownership of ReelMusicianPro until final payment is received, and further, no duplication or distribution of any kind, may proceed until final payment received.  As the client, you agree that the book to be turned into audio, is either your work, or you have been granted rights to reproduce it and agree to hold ReelMusicianPro harmless in the event that any and all licenses or distribution and recording rights have not been granted