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At ReelMusicianPro, we love working with inspirational and religious authors and publishers looking to publish and create audio book recordings that will help lead and guide listeners to the truth of God's Word.  Because many publishers look to print and record in various languages, we have a lot of voice over talent, that we work with, available in numerous languages, dialects, etc.  Should you have a question on voice over talent for a particular language, please Contact Us or call 615-300-5030 and we'll be glad to discuss the requirements of your audio book recording, the various languages you would like it recorded in, cost and how fast we can get it done.

At ReelMusicianPro, we realize that folks have budgets and that money doesn't come easy.  We're cognizant of the fact that most writers and publishing houses, who are faced with the ever evolving markets and digital format changes, need to act in a responsive way to changing trends, stay current with technology, and have to absolutely produce results with quality, while staying within budget.

We create Grammy nominated work and can create all of your marketing and promotional audio book recording and trailers, video book trailers, radio spots, website marketing pieces and PR.  Our rates for trailers are among some of the best, but prices obviously differ depending on how much graphics are used, how much editing and post production time there will be.

We work with some of the best promotion folks, so let us know if you need help with audio book promotion, cable and radio interviews, along with CD duplication, artwork, graphics, layout and design work.

Our voice over talent is some of the best in the business and we have great rates on national sounding voice talent for your audio book  and for you to choose from.  We always offer sample reads of books prior to audio book recording and production, so that you can choose who will read your book and so you will  have the confidence knowing that your book will not only have great sounding audio, without dogs barking n the back ground, planes over head, or the hum and hiss of computer hard drives, etc but will have a great sounding voice over.  And this is at no extra charge.  It might sound funny to talk about dogs barking in the audio, etc but it's a reality, especially when folks try to hire folks from voice over farms.

Our sound effects library is filled with proprietary sound effects and convolution reverb, that is exclusive to ReelMusicianPro and sold online at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend and other online retailers.

At ReelMusicianPro, we know that getting your book recorded is just a part of the overall game plan and that having your book read, with the right emotional tone and inflection is incredibly important.  We'll take some time and find the right voice talent to cast for your book.  Contact Us  with any questions you might have.