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ReelMusicianPro - written like you're actually there!

One of the most important elements to to the way we produce and make audio book recording, TV, radio, film scores and video productions, is how realistic and authenticate the sound is, to the point that it jumps off the page and puts you into the middle of the action.  When you listen to ReelMusicianPro audio and video, you’re there and you can feel and hear the exact sound scape of where the scene takes place - that’s always our goal.


When it comes to audio book recording, recording on location video and music for film in post and 5.1 surround, nobody beats ReelMusicianPro! Apples to apples, we're the leaders in the business at prices and quality that most companies just can't compete with - its' really that simple.

We produce national TV commercials, Pulitzer prize winning authors, New York Times Best Selling Authors to working with some of the most prestigious talent agencies and publishers in the business.

Don't be fooled by voice over farms and companies that say they can match our pricing and quality.  ReelMusicianPro is the leader in audio book recording and affordable video book trailer production!