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College and University Level Curriculum

Music Business 101
Music Business Leadership and Ethics
Music Licensing
Project Management for Musicians
Music Industry Entrepreneurship
Concert Touring
Artist Management
Music Supervision
Copyright Law
Music Marketing General 101
Survey of Recording Technology
Artist Booking
Concert Promotion
Music Publishing 101
Online Music Marketing
Creative Entertainment Technology
Music Theory
Music Composition
TV Scoring and Post
Entertainment Law
Entertainment Industry Economics
Intro to Audio Engineering
Critical Listening
Studio Production
Music Video Editing with Final Cut Pro
Commercial Songwriting
Fundamentals of Music

High School Level Curriculum

Middle and Grade School Curriculum

School Assemblies
Singing Competition Prep
Artist Career Strategies
Music Business Fundamentals
Basics to Career Management
Vocal Coaching Seminars
Singing Commercials
Making Money in the Music Biz
Artist Development Strategies
Recording Demos and Albums
Overview of the Music Business
School Assemblies
Basics to Singing
So you Want to be an Artist
How to Develop Your Voice
All About the Music Business
Can I Make Money With my Instrument
Practical Steps to a Singing Career
How to get on TV Singing Competition
I want to be an Actor or Actress
How do I get in to TV Commercials
Where Should I Start

Mr Gauger can be contacted at 615-300-5030 or by Email to speak, advise or facilitate workshops, seminars or for ongoing education consulting. Any number of subjects can be harnessed and taught together, or certain presentations, pulled apart, for a closer look at the topic of study, depending on the teaching environment, degree of student involvement and education level.

Mr Gauger does travel and can be booked to combine school seminars, adjunct classes and group learning activities, as well as hosting and judging talent competitions, for engaging conversation of the music business and to obtain the "fun" factor in the learning process.

Classes are taught not only by grade level, but practically in terms of how much a class has had access or knowledge of the music business, the desire of students that want to excel and the ability of students to grasp key concepts and ideas.

As an award winning writer and producer, Mr Gauger understands the demands of the business, how technology has shaped and changed the business and how students wishing a career in the music business or as an artist, TV anchor, or film director, will need to adapt with flexibility to not only be in today's game, but getting ahead of the curve ball and into the future for a solid career path going forward.