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Publishers - we have relationships with a wide range of great sounding Voice Over Talent and we are pleased to offer you affordable audiobook rates to record all of your audio books at unbeatable prices!   And there's a good chance, that our pricing is more affordable than if you contracted voice talent from a "voice over farm" without all of the headaches and unknowns and you save more based on volume, with an established and well known production company!

What's more, many don't understand what really good talent and audio book production should sound like, and they are often left with noisy, grissly sounding mics, with nearby dogs, mowers and planes over head.  We don't use usb or pod cast mics, but professional quality gear that is sure to grab the attention of your listener with the quality that you'd expect!  Just Listen to our audio book samples,  there's no comparison in price and value for what we offer our customers.  In fact, we are a Grammy nominated production company!  We work with best selling authors, large talent booking agencies, to Pulitzer Prize authors and writers whose books are being turned into screen plays!

With audiobook popularity on the rise, we'd like to offer what we consider some rock bottom prices to make audio book recording
obtainable, whether you're a small indie publisher to a national giant.   Here's what we offer Publishing companies:

1   Book    $300  per  10,000  words

3   Books  $275  per  10,000  words

5   Books $250  per  10,000  words

7   Books  $225  per  10,000  words

10 or more call for pricing

Prices include voice over talent, music piece for beginning and chapter entry, editing, studio and production, along with both
wav 44/16 for CD duplication and mp3 192 kbps for website downloads.  This is a turn key audio book recording solution,
that is affordable and fast.  We can record an audio book usually in less than two weeks and have files delivered to your duplicator.
If you need help with duplication, we work closely with several duplication companies and we’ll be happy to help you along those
lines.  Feel free to call us 615-300-5030 or Email Us for more information.

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