At ReelMusicianPro We Create, Record and Produce a Wide Variety of Fiction Audio Books That Include:

Comic Books, Thriller, Suspense, Children's Books, Vampire Books, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy,  Sci-fi, Romance (clean) Science Fiction, Witches, Wizards and Magic!

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At ReelMusicianPro we've had the privilege to record a lot of fiction audio books, from creating  vampire audio books to creating audiobook thrillers, wonderful children's books and almost anything you can imagine.  If you're wanting to record a fiction novel, than you've come tothe right place.  Nobody beats our quality and pricing!  We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, but when it comes to quality,our customers always get it done right, whether they are just starting out as a new writer, or whether we're working with a large talent agency or publishing house - we do it right.  Check out some of our latest audio book fiction recording work


Roboy Comic Book Series Compilation

Here is one of our latest comic audio book productions, entitledRoboy  where we partnered with Lion Forge.  This is a sample from Roboy Series 1.  For those that want a quick overview, the featured clip below is a compilation of the entire series.  All voice over, sound effects (sfx) and post production by ReelMusicianPro.


This award winning political suspense audio book recording and production, is a great example of an affordable audio book trailer that looks and sounds great!  All graphics were supplied by client and then we recorded the audio book and created the audio book trailer in post production, using our proprietary sound effects and convolution reverb found online at Guitar Center, Musician's friend through  Impulse Record.


Let us record your next thriller or suspense audio book, and you won't be disappointed!

Vampire's Screech audio book was recorded and produced for a new generation of vampire book and movie fan base.  This audio book was created with multiple voice actors and talent, giving this audio book recording a depth of production that takes place with unique voice talent and a audio scripts that drive a story.

This is an example of another affordable audio book trailer where the client provided audio book graphics and we took the the graphics, coupled with the audio book recording and sound effects in post production for a gripping book to listen to.