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Grammy Nominated music and video production company.   Creating a variety of  video productions for film, audio books, audio and video book trailers, documentaries, TV and radio commercials. ReelMusicianPro writes and creates music scores, post production, sound effects in stereo or 5.1 or 7.1  surround, records ADR, along with onsite on location video recording and capture, post video production for TV, web and film.

“The Photography of Sound” - TV Documentary Segment - NASA

Recording video and post production that contains footage of both the worlds tallest one story building, the Vehicle Assembly Building where all of the Apollo rockets and Space Shuttles were assembled prior to crawling to the launch pad and the SSPF building where everything that comes and goes  from the International Space Station is stored.

“The Photography of Sound” - TV Documentary Segment - Mammoth Caves

Recording video, editing and post production that contains footage of dark rooms and caverns.Recording and capturing video in these caves was difficult, to say the least,as these were dark, very wet, with potential danger around every turn. Just getting the video and audio equipment set up in these conditions was challenging.

"Home" Trailer

If you're looking for great sound design, sound effects and post production, look to ReelMusicianPro!  Here is one of ReelMusicianPro's latest sound design productions creating all of the heart thumping sfx on the film trailer "Home" starring JD Hart and directed by Jason Stoddard.

“I’ll See You Later” - The Hope Diamond” - Grammy Considered

Grammy Nominated production.  Affordable online video trailers to more in-depth on location video and audio recording, ReelMusicianPro has the expertise to get the job done.  Audio book recording and production can always use  the added boost that audio and video trailers add for a complete marketing campaign.

ReelMusicianPro has the edge when it comes to great video, because great video needs award winning direction, coupled with outstanding audio and sound tracks to complete the video production.  When it comes to difficult places to record in, ReelMusicianPro is your go to team.  Recording in caves, dark halls, rooms with little lighting, to huge buildings and structures like the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA Kennedy Space Center, ReelmusicianPro has the knowledge and experience.   From on location production to cleaning up audio, ADR, and what some would consider an almost impossible recording environment, ReelMusicianPro has it covered.

With 5.1 surround sound, mixing your next TV commercial, documentary, infomercial or web presentation is sure to stand out.  With our detail in the the edit and editing part of production, ReelMusicianPro is known in the industry for outstanding  results.  With our own proprietary sound effects (sfx) library and cinematic hits and accents SFX library, we produce high quality and highly visible video production that get results.  Some of our audio book trailers that have combined with video for a marketing video book trailer have been up for Grammy consideration.