Why ReelMusicianPro?  The short answer...

There are numerous reasons why ReelMusicianPro should produce your next custom video, create your audio book recording or music production, and the main reason will always be, seasoned writers who know how to write and produce visible audio book recordings, affordable audiobook trailers and credible video productions sure to increase your sales!  Mr Gauger has been featured at Sony on numerous occasions!

There's no doubt about it that well crafted TV and radio jingles have captured all of our attention at one time or another.  Think about all the brand names and slogans associated with each one.   But make no mistake about it, a cheap "basement production" will probably get you "basement sales."  We don't do "basement"  So many of our productions are regional to national spots or award winning audio book recordings - And humbly, but honestly, most music production houses simply can't say that!

At ReelMusicianPro, we recognize the importance of not only producing catchy and memorable jingles, creating audio books that sell, book promotion and video trailers that market your next potential best seller, but we are also cognizant of the fact that most companies and individuals are not huge corporations with substantial marketing budgets, but most entities, that make the US economy roll,  are smaller mom and pop to medium sized businesses who survive on limited budgets, along with authors who are self publishing their books.  We get that.

With advanced production capabilities, like 5.1 surround sound and broadcast video, with some of the finest gear and recording software that money can buy and which can be heard on shows like "24"  and many major block buster movies, we can comfortably guarantee you that you will have not only have a fabulous sounding commercial, but the ease of relaying ideas to our production staff and having them come to life, will be a dream!

We will be glad to talk about all of your audio book recording options and will go through all of the jingle lingo to take away the mystery of all the different jingle variations and how they are written and set up - From donuts to full group sings and voice overs, we will will incorporate a variety of ideas and concepts so that you know all of your options available to make an informed decision - No worry - We take care of the details!

We write jingles with video production and produce audiobooks for virtually any Budget, and are always looking at ways to improve your marketing dollars spent, to make you aware of ideas that we have when we talk with you.  Let us show you just how easy it can be to create a great sounding audio book, video trailer or commercial for your company, ready for airplay in your market, by calling us at 615-300-5030 or Contact Us and we will be glad to get started on your audio book recording or TV campaign!