Voice Talent

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At ReelMusicianPro, we know that recording the right voice talent makes all the difference in the world and that’s why we work with so many qualified and unique voice talent.  We work with 100's of voice talent (many not listed here to avoid slow page load times).  Making sure that you’re comfortable with who is going to record and read your audio book, TV commercial , radio spot, TV documentary, to corporate voice over and voice casting for instructional videos, is important - and we’ll make sure that you get the voice talent that you envision.

Before we start the recording of your book, we'll ask for the type of talent qualities you envision reading your book.  With that information, we'll have 15 - 20 voice talent samples recording from a small section of your book.  Most clients have a hard time deciding between a number of the initial samples, but if not, we'll send out for more voice talent samples until you are completely comfortable with who will be reading your book.  We do that for each and every project.

When it comes to voice casting and choosing the right voice talent, we understand the different challenges that writers, authors and producers face when trying to find that voice that really pulls the project together in a convincing way. It's one thing to have a book read, and then another to draw the listener in and see the audio book or video presentation jump off the page or screen.  We have many voices to choose from (100's of professional affordable talent) and they range from caring, to energetic, younger to more mature sounding voices to character voices for any occasion.  With our proprietary special effects library sold at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend and other online retailers, we're able to really get creative and have fun dialing in that specific character voice that you envision.

When it comes to your audio book, TV documentary or radio commercial, we take your lead on stated voice casting goals and have a number of voice talent read copy from your book or production and then allow you to choose from the initial selected talent,  or we take your recommendations and ideas back and zero in a little further.  Either way, we'll make sure that you get the exact voice talent for your project and it's always at no additional cost to you.  We want you to be onboard and have the peace of mind that your audio book is getting done right!